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LAUBLUST stands for creative wood and natural products since 2017. 


It all started with beautiful and practical wooden boxes, chests, and wine crates in different shapes and sizes. But we wanted to grow and improve our boxes and home accessories. 


The idea was to create unique designs and let customers frame the products with their own content. We expanded our product line quickly. Personalized memory boxes for different occasions, night lights for babies, individual photo albums and guest books made of wood, personalized slate hearts and breakfast boards for couples, and much, much more. 


A small universe of gift ideas for every taste was established. We are constantly enriching our product world and developing new motifs for unique gifts. The key point is that we use only natural resources manufacturing our creative and customizable products.

The children's room is a place of magic. The little ones live and play with a lot of imagination and enthusiasm. We have made it our mission to fill the bright children's life with even more color, creativity, and fun. 


That's why Kekskrone has everything that makes parents and their offsprings happy. Together, we furnish the kids’ kingdom with creative and individual decorations, toys, and plan to add furniture and textiles soon. A special highlight is our personalized items - they turn the children's room into a very intimate place. 


From the nameplate on the door to the individual night light above the bed or a unique souvenir box filled with the most important treasures of the early years - with us, children enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Grinscard was our first step in the Amazon world in 2015. Even today, Grinscard is an integral part of the company that offers Home & Living products.

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